Last Wednesday was incredible. The pre-party, worship, message and after party, made for a night that we will never forget. We had 175 teenagers flooding the church parking lot and youth room. They got to smash a car, play nerf wars and enjoyed a jousting pit.  We gave our students a challenge that if we got 150 teenagers to the launch party then the ones who brought the most kids got to shoot Caleb Pfieffer with a paintball gun. Well, those lucky winners were Jesse Brown and Lake Doggette and wow they did not disappoint. We’re pretty sure Caleb is still sore from last week. We can’t wait to share some of the pictures over on the student ministries facebook page!

Last week was the start of something incredible in our student ministry. We had 175 students in attendance and 42 students found life in Christ! Words cannot describe what God is doing in our student ministry. We’ve never experienced an atmosphere like we had last week. To see so many kids from all different backgrounds worshipping and crying out together is something that our youth leaders will never forget. We are so blessed to be a part of a student ministry and church that is experiencing the presence of God every week.  He is changing the lives in our teenagers and it’s a blessing to get to be apart of it.

One thing that we did was have all of the youth leaders share some of their stories that they had from last Wednesday. We thought we would share some of those with you:

“Thank you so much for inviting our son last night. He had a great time. I was so happy to hear the excitement in his voice about the message he got to hear last night. It really did my heart good. Our son has a had a hard time since mine and his dad’s divorce and I really think the message helped him deal a little better. We were able to really talk about the divorce for the first time last night on the way home. When we would try to talk about it before he would shut completely down and say he didn’t want to talk about it. I have prayed for the day he would be able to share his feelings and was very thankful that my prayers were answered. He has expressed that he would like to visit your church so if you will please give me information about time and such that would be great.”

“Since my time serving with our youth group I have gotten to know and develop a relationship with one of the boys in my small group. I’m sure most of our leaders know him and know what a great and enthusiastic kid he is. Last night, he came up to me extremely emotional because of his home situation and not having the privilege to grow up in a home with both parents. It is so amazing to see your message and God’s word move in their lives. Lastly, I am extremely blessed and grateful to serve alongside every person involved. I truly thank you all for the opportunity and I believe this is just the beginning. God has only shown us a glimpse of what is to come within our youth and within our church.”

“I talked with two 10-year-old boys during the alter call. I asked them what I could pray for and they both said their parents and immediately broke down in tears. I just sat there for a few minutes with my arm around them as they cried. Both of their parents are divorced and both sets of parents of a rough relationship. They said they didn’t understand and specifically felt “broken” when I asked how their parents’ divorce made them feel. I got to pray with them and encourage them.”