Pursuit Church has experienced exponential growth in many areas, thanks be to God, and one of the areas most impacted with growth is our Kid’s Ministry.

We have seen numbers skyrocket on Sunday mornings and Wednesday nights. With the abundant blessings of more children, we, in turn, needed more servants and leaders! All praise to God, He didn’t shortchange us there either!

Today we want to spotlight one of those amazing kid’s servant leaders, Victoria Morris. This spunky little human leads kiddos of all ages into a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. She is a big part of  Sunday Morning kid’s ministry and co-leads team kids curriculum during our Mid-Week Services with Stephanie Kale. While she teaches the children you can often find Tori climbing on tables, holding pizza boxes or running around with the kids! She truly knows how to show the children just how fun it is to be a Christ-follower!

The Director of Kid’s Ministry, Nicole Martinez, says, “Victoria has an amazing passion for making the Bible come alive for the kids. She is bright, spunky and full of fun! The kids absolutely love her!”

Not only is she great with the children but she also serves as a leader for all of the adults around her. Victoria recruits heavily for other adults to serve in kids,  organizes events, like the lock-in happening on October 6th, and helped immensely in the remodeling of our kid’s facilities.

Thank you, Victoria for being such a positive role model for our children! They love you and we do to!

If you are interested in serving with Victoria, Stephanie, Nicole and the whole Kid’s team, please reach out to us at jessiwilliams@pursuitchurch.org or get with us on Sunday morning at the Connect Tent and we’ll get you having fun with the kids!