We are partnering with Feeding His Sheep ministry to supply backpacks for the children of Dorateo Arango, Mexico. Most families are unable to pay for the supplies needed for their children to go to school. Our goal is to supply them with 50 backpacks which will cover every student in this area. We will be collecting Sunday, July 24th and 31st.

During this event children will come to have a “well check-up” with a family physician, receive a months supply of vitamins along with healthy lifestyle and study habit information.  They will also receive a hygiene bag, and most importantly a school backpack filled with all the school supplies they need as required by their teachers.  The most needed item, however, are the backpacks. Each student in Mexico is required to have one and they are very expensive across the border which places a difficult burden on families this time of year. For any questions, please contact Melissa Pratt at mcpc2003@charter.net

Items for each Backpack :

  • Backpacks- 1
  • Pencils- 5
  • Crayons- 1 box
  • Markers- 1 box
  • Colored Pencils- 1 box
  • Erasers- 1 large
  • Sharpeners- 1
  • Pens:
  • Blue- 1
  • Black- 1
  • Red- 1
  • Scissors- 1
  • Rulers (Metric)- 1
  • Glue Sticks- 3
  • Notebooks: 6
  • Graph Notebook- 1

Items for Hygiene Bags:

  • Toothbrushes- 1
  • Toothpaste- 1
  • Soap- 1
  • Shampoo- 1
  • Vitamins- 1
  • Washcloth- 1